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2017 - Present

Kaolee Shop, Broomfield, CO — Owner

• Create 6-10 pieces (handmade earrings and gifts) to list every 2 weeks

• manage shipments

• community involvement: collaborations & pop-up markets

• wholesale market expansion

Soft Skills: creativity, image assets, storytelling, visual narratives; Hard Skills: graphic design (Illustrator and InDesign), product photography, social media

Shopify: Design, produce, photograph, and list all pieces; maintain website

Pinterest: Maintain 21k+ average on impressions and 17.86k average on total audience organically. Consistently post process videos, styling videos, and still photos of products and creation and design process.

Instagram: average 200 content interactions per month and 80 accounts engaged consistently for the last 6 months

May 2023-May 2024

Art to Change the World - Intern

  • Developing creative projects aimed at driving social change and fostering education both independently and collaboratively.

  • Skills: Sales · Leadership · Project Management · Administrative Assistance · Interpersonal Skills · Diversity & Inclusion · Art Direction


Minnesota State Arts Board — Grant Reviewer

As a Grant Reviewer on the Minnesota State Arts Board, I evaluated and awarded grants to artists and arts organizations, ensuring fairness and equity. Collaborating with a diverse panel, I assessed applications based on artistic merit, impact, and alignment with funding priorities. I contributed insights, recommendations, and fostered community partnerships, strengthening Minnesota's arts ecosystem. This experience deepened my knowledge, refined my evaluation and grant management skills, and fueled my passion for supporting and championing the arts.



Courses: Facilitating Community Driven Leadership • Core Practices in Heritage Studies and Public History • Creative Entrepreneurship and Resource Development • Marketing 6087: Power of Story • A Multiplicity of Ways: Epistemologies In the 21st Century


Brigham Young University - Idaho | Bachelor's Degree - Studio Art Printmaking

Courses: Graphic Design • Printmaking • 20th Century Art History • Head Drawing • Book Arts • Visual Media • Expressive Drawing • Typography • Mass Media & Society • Twentieth Century Art • Environmental Stewardship 

Projects, Publications, Workshops, & Certifications


A conversation and highlight about creative work and projects as a resident in the Denver Metro Area.


University of Minnesota - Twin Cities · Oct 26, 2022University of Minnesota - Twin Cities · Oct 26, 2022

Honoring the legacy of Karin L. Larson and her contribution to the College of Continuing education at the University of Minnesota.


Being the very first graduate student board member in Northrop Auditorium's history. This role opens up the chance to gain knowledge and insights by actively participating in advisory board meetings and events, all while getting to know the inner workings and structure of the organization. The primary aim is to contribute towards achieving the organization's goals.


Moreover, in the upcoming 2023-2024 year, there's an exciting project in the pipeline. They're collaborating with Northrop's engagement team on arts programming, and the culmination of their efforts will be a presentation slated for April.


Core concepts around equity, diversity, and social justice. Deepening understanding of our own identities and how to work towards allyship and advocacy in our roles.

Skills & Expertise

  • Handcrafted Creations: Designing and producing 6-10 handmade earrings and gifts regularly.

  • Shipping Management: Efficiently handling order shipments.

  • Collaboration: Engaging in community collaborations and pop-up markets.

  • Wholesale Expansion: Successfully entering the wholesale market.

  • Creative Thinking: Applying creativity in product creation.

  • Visual Design: Using Illustrator and InDesign for graphic design.

  • Product Photography: Capturing appealing product images.

  • Social Media: Managing social media platforms effectively.

  • Website Maintenance: Ensuring website functionality.

  • Pinterest Engagement: Maintaining high engagement on Pinterest.

  • Instagram Interaction: Consistently driving interactions on Instagram.

  • Sales: Skillful promotion and sales of products.

  • Leadership: Leading and contributing to social change projects.

  • Project Management: Efficiently managing projects.

  • Administrative Support: Assisting in administrative tasks.

  • Interpersonal Skills: Excellent communication and relationship-building.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Promoting diversity in projects.

  • Art Direction: Guiding artistic projects effectively.

  • Grant Evaluation: Evaluating and awarding grants.

  • Partnership Building: Fostering community partnerships.

  • Cultural Leadership: Acquired through academic pursuits and experience.

  • Equity and Social Justice: Engaging with concepts of equity and social justice.

  • Identity Understanding: Exploring personal identities and allyship.

  • Event Participation: Engaging in advisory board meetings and events.

  • Education: Master's in Arts and Cultural Leadership.

  • Artistic Proficiency: Bachelor's in Studio Art Printmaking.

  • Storytelling: Showcased through media features and publications.

  • Academic Involvement: Contributing to university advisory boards.

  • Equity Advocacy: Pursuing education in equity-related areas.

  • Social Media Strategy: Effective use of social media for branding.

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